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Asiatic Lilies, orange & red

Hardy in Zones 4 - 8
Asiatic lily 'Red Twin'

New!Red Twinis a new flower form, with its upfacing “harvest red” flowers carrying a “second flower” derived from the tissues that normally make the filaments and anthers.  Each has morphed into a double-sided tiny “petal” with a very long extended filament, creating a little “flaming crown” flower in the center of each of the normal-sized flowers.  The tall, strong stems carry a perfectly-spaced inflorescence of these brilliant flowers, which have their deepest color when grown in full sun.  
3 to 4 feet, mid June.
(Note:  Our photograph, taken in our fields, shows the true color and form, and it is distinctly different from the several clones that bloomed from mass produced Dutch bulbs under this name in our test fields.)

RTW Each $7.00 3/$20.00
Asiatic lily 'Nightflyer'

New!Nightflyer(Alex Burnett) is a superb garden lily, with large outfacing black-red flowers of perfect form, carried on a strong inflorescence, with lovely long dark pedicels so that each of its many flowers is fully displayed.  The almost black color saturates the buds and every part of the flower!  Bred by Alex Burnett, in Alberta, Canada, ‘Nightflyer’ is an illustration of the wonderful hybridizing done in Canada for decades, continuing to the present, which has given us so many wonderful garden lilies.
3 to 4 feet, June.
(Note:  This is the true clone, not the 3 not-even-close clones that bloomed from mass produced Dutch bulbs in our test fields.)

NFL Each $7.00 3/$20.00
Asiatic lily 'Forever Susan'

New!Forever Susanis something else!  It carries a perfect candelabrum inflorescence of unique flowers, vivid orange overlaid with the deepest plum almost to the tips, giving the appearance of shiny near-black flowers with rich orange tips!  It remained in flower for almost a month in our fields this summer, and were we smitten!  
3 to 4 feet, mid to late June.

FES Each $10.00 3/$27.00
Asiatic lily 'Contagem'

New!Contagemis truly a gem for containers, or for any spot that needs a shorter spotlight of brilliant color!  Its short, study plants top out at 2’ tall, but they carry full sized upfacing soft red flowers with a hint of peach, accented with a heavy overlay of dramatic deep plum “stardust” spreckling.  Wow!
2 feet,  mid June.

CGM Each $7.00 3/$20.00
Asiatic lily 'Captain Kidd'

Captain Kidd will raise his flag and capture a spot in your garden with its rich, blood-red flowers! This spectacular tetraploid Asiatic, bred by Catherine van der Salm, has amazingly large, vivid, colorfast flowers carried on tall, strong stems!
3 to 4 feet, mid to late June.


CKD Each $7.50 3/$21.00
Asiatic lily 'Blackout'

‘Blackout’ is as sleek as can be, with glossy carmine buds and flowers with black-red throats, centered with a few tiny black spots. This lily is darkest red and dazzling!
4 feet, June.

BOU Each $6.00 3/$16.00
Asiatic lily 'Karen North

‘Karen North’ is another wonderful Lilium lankongense hybrid from Dr. North that has been drawing raves in our field! Coral rose buds abound on tall, willowy stems, opening one by one for weeks to reveal warm coral-orange flowers with plum-colored spreckles. A hummingbird magnet with a lovely light fragrance!
4 to 6 feet and taller, mid June to mid July.

KAN Each $7.50 3/$21.00


Asiatic lily 'Karen North' planting in the field. 'Karen North' planting in our field.
Asiatic lily 'Liberty Hyde Bailey'

‘Liberty Hyde Bailey’ (Columbia-Platte introduction) is a tall, robust-stemmed tetraploid “tailor made” for the garden.  Its wide-petalled, unspotted fiery orange flowers have tremendous substance and size and are carried on ebony stems. Indestructible!  This is surely one of the most vigorous and robust lilies we’ve every grown! 
5 feet, late June.

LHB Each $7.50 3/$21.00
Asiatic lily 'Red Velvet'

‘Red Velvet’ (Stone & Payne) is a classic, serendipitous hybrid with a long panicle of deepest velvety black-red flowers.  This indestructible lily comes back each year  with more and more flowers. Still delighting gardeners (and hummingbirds) after fifty years, ‘Red Velvet’ has earned its place in the lily Hall of Fame! 
3 to 5 feet, early July.

RVL Each $7.50 3/$21.00

Asiatic lily 'Red Velvet' field planting 'Red Velvet' field planting.
Asiatic lily 'Dimension'

Dimension indeed extends the color spectrum in Asiatic lilies; it’s the darkest black burgundy we’ve seen, and it’s absolutely stunning! 
3 to 4 feet, late June. 

DIM Each $7.00 3/$20.00
Asiatic lily 'Giraffe'

Giraffe is a tall eye-catcher with glossy black stems, red-edged leaves and stunning flowers! Luminous brilliant gold shading into fiery tips create a display of color worthy of applause.
4 to 5 feet, late June.

GRF Each $6.00 3/$16.00

Crocosmias begin flowering on the heels of most Asiatic lilies and are tremendously attractive to hummingbirds.



Asiatic Lilies, orange & red



NEW! Crocosmias
Asiatic lilies: pink, white, peach, yellow, orange & red
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