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Why can flower color vary in Orienpets? Because of their complex ancestry and the interaction of many pigments, Orienpet lilies often have more intensely colored flowers in cooler weather. Heat and bright light can lighten their colors. The same stem of ‘Smoky Mountain’ may have some flowers heavily washed in red, with just a touch of gold near the edges, and golden flowers with a light watercolor wash of red.

The Orienpet lilies combine the sublime beauty of Oriental lilies with the
garden persistence, heat tolerance and color of Trumpet and Aurelian hybrids.

Hardy in Zones 4 - 8
Orienpet hybrid lily 'Silver Scheherazade' TM

‘Silver Scheherazade’
In over 30 years of hybridizing and cultivating lilies, we can count on one hand the rare mutations that have appeared in our fields.  How delightful that one of them is ‘Silver Scheherazade,’ which is a luminous, moonlit version of our own ‘Scheherazade.’  Its blossoms can shade into moonlit cream when UV light is intense, and even feature a light blush of peach pink when night temperatures are cool.  It always shows its delicate rose whiskers, the perfect complement to its moon garden loveliness.  As we have propagated this wonderful lily, it has proven to be as garden-worthy as its namesake, standing up to hail, frost, harsh winters and scorching summers alike! 
4 to 6 feet, mid August. 

Special price!
SIL Each $7.50 3/$21.00

Below: 'Silver Scheherazade'

Orienpet hybrid lily 'Silver Scheherazade'
Orienpet lily 'Palazzo'

‘Palazzo’ is an absolute stunner, with enormous up- to out-facing fragrant flowers completely saturated with deepest raspberry rose! Its statuesque stems carry broad, deep green leaves that suit it to perfection.
4 feet and eventually taller, mid to late July.

PLA Each $10.00 3/$27.00
"Orienpet" hybrid 'Lemon Ice'

‘Limoncello’ (LG) is graced with huge fragrant flowers in a unique shade of soft, silky mimosa yellow with a hint of chartreuse, deeper in the throat and suffusing into a lighter shade at the petal tips.  Its stems are a soft smoky plum shade, adding contrast to the cool, luscious flowers.  Its fragrance is sweet and delightful, too!  
3 to 5 feet and eventually taller, mid to late July.

Limited supply.
LMN Each $30.00 3/$85.00
Orienpet hybrid lily 'Nymph'

New! ‘Nymph’ has more upfacing flowers with a starrier form than most Orienpets. We love its color pattern, with a dainty “pointed” brush of rose just at the base of each petal. This delightful pattern is reflected in the buds, too.
3 to 4 feet and eventually taller, mid to late July.

NYM Each $6.00 3/$16.00

Orienpet hybrid lily 'Anastasia'

‘Anastasia’ (LG) has wide open huge white flowers with truly rose pink centers.  Cool weather deepens the wash of pink.  This hybrid is a back-cross to the white Oriental ‘Allegra,’ evident in its spur-tipped buds, recurved flowers, spicy fragrance and late bloom. The long inflorescence carries secondary buds to extend the blooming season.  A First Place Popularity Poll winner!
4 to 6 feet, early to mid August. 

Special price!
ANA Each $7.50 3/$21.00


Orienpet hybrid lily 'Miss Libby'

Libby with 'Miss Libby'








Libby with stem of 'Miss Libby
at 2008 Relay for Life

‘Miss Libby’ (LG) is a marvelous Orienpet, with fragrant, soft yellow bowls painted inside with a wide wash of deep, bronze-tinted cherry.  Its loveliness is matched by its strength, disease resistance, and garden adaptablity.  ‘Miss Libby’ is exceptional, just like its namesake - our friend Libby Mongue-Wymore, who celebrated her fifteenth year free of cancer this summer. 
Libby is a diligent fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society, and we are contributing all revenues from sales of ‘Miss Libby’ (almost $22,000 so far!) to this organization in her name.  We think both of the “Misses Libby” are champions! 
4 to 5 feet (mature stems reach 7 feet in our field this summer), late July.

Special price!
LIB Each $6.00 3/$16.00

Orienpet hybrid lily 'Dunyazade'

‘Dunyazade’ (LG) is a deep red hybrid from our famous and garden-worthy ‘Scheherazade!’  It has all the qualities of the finest of garden lilies: health, strength, longevity, and elegant beauty.  It’s a rich, deep shade of burgundy, with just the narrowest ribbon of cream white on the edge of each petal. 
4 to 6 feet and taller, mid August.

DYZ Each $7.50 3/$21.00

Orienpet hybrid lily 'Dunyazade'


Orienpet hybrid lily 'Pizzaz'

‘Pizzazz’ (LG) has brilliant orange flowers with shiny red centers. Their more recurved shape, carried on gracefully arching stems, show its Lilium henryi ancestry. Lush blue-green leaves make a marvelous contrast! A winner in the Popularity Poll!
4 to 6 feet and taller, early August.

PIZ Each $10.00 3/$27.00


Orienpet hybrid lily 'Silk Road'

‘Silk Road’ (LG) is our most popular lily, delighting gardeners all over the world!  It has huge white flowers with deep, intensely crimson pink throats, carried on an enormous inflorescence with many well-spaced secondary buds for extended blooming time. All this, and a wonderful, powerful fragrance too! 'Silk Road' won the Popularity Poll four years in a row, and is now part of the Lilium Hall of Fame!
4 to 6 feet and taller when established, mid July to early August.

Special price!
SRD Each $7.50 3/$21.00


Catherine van der Salm with Orienpet hybrid lily 'Silk Road'

Catherine van der Salm with 'Silk Road'.

Under beautiful, mature stems like these are the bulbs we will harvest and ship in the fall!


‘Sarabande’(LG) has rich crimson "sunburst" form flowers with wide white margins. We love the way its many delicate red "whiskers" accent its deep red throat and shimmering green nectaries. We also love its strong stems! A fertile tetraploid.
4 to 6 feet and taller when established, early August.

Website only item.
Write in on the order form.
SAR Each $6.00 3/$16.00



"Orienpet" Hybrid Lilies -- page 1, page 2, page 3


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