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Why can flower color vary in Orienpets? Because of their complex ancestry and the interaction of many pigments, Orienpet lilies often have more intensely colored flowers in cooler weather. Heat and bright light can lighten their colors. The same stem of ‘Smoky Mountain’ may have some flowers heavily washed in red, with just a touch of gold near the edges, and golden flowers with a light watercolor wash of red.
The “Orienpets” are relatively new to the lily world, produced after years of efforts to combine the sublime beauty of the Oriental lilies with the more garden persistent, heat tolerant and colorful Trumpet and Aurelian hybrids.

Hardy in Zones 4 - 8
Orienpet lily 'Virunga'

New! Virunga has huge, beautifully sculpted, rich rose flowers with a delicate white star encircling its nectaries. It carries its fragrant, upfacing flowers on necessarily robust stems with beautiful broad leaves. What a stunner!
4 feet and eventually taller, mid to late July.

VIR Each $12.50 3/$35.00

Orienpet hybrid 'Luminaries'

Luminaries (Columbia-Platte) carry huge, stunning flowers, sparkling white at their edges, with a dramatic sunburst of gold in the throats encircled with a deep rose kaleidoscope!  The perfume is combination of the heady fragrance of the trumpets and the delicious scents of the Orientals.  This sturdy polyploid is the most dramatic clone from our original strain.
4 to 5 feet and eventually taller, mid July to early August.

Available for
fall shipping only.
Limited supply.
LUM Each $12.50 3/$35.00
Orienpet lily 'Serrano'

Serrano has the “snap” of its namesake bright yellow peppers, translated into huge, fragrant flowers borne on study stems that will need no staking. Its gently upfacing flowers each seem to be illuminated by a dollop of sunshine!  
3 to 4 feet and eventually taller,
mid July to early August.

SER Each $10.00 3/$27.00

Orienpet hybrid 'Sizzle'

‘Sizzle’ (A creation of The Lily Garden) is a spectacular sister of ‘Pizzazz,’ flowering just a little later.  Its Lilium henryi ancestry is a bit more obvious, too: its flowers have a deeper orange margin edging its rich black-red centers and they are more reflexed, and its inflorescence carries more but smaller flowers than ‘Pizzazz’ does, with more secondary buds. Its strong stems need no staking if grown in full sun.  A fertile tetraploid, too!
3 to 5 feet and taller eventually, mid to late July to mid August.

SIZ Each $15.00 3/$40.00

‘Bonbini’ has really charmed us with its sumptuous wide-open flowers, seemingly sculpted from pure ivory, each embellished with a large star of sweetheart pink and slightly ruffled petals. The fragrance is sublime, too!
4 feet and eventually taller, late July.

BON Each $10.00 3/$27.00

Orienpet hybrid 'Time Zone'

Time Zone is a luscious, rich raspberry rose with a delightful white star in the center of each stupendous flower. The sturdy stems easily support the large flowers and stand up to our evening winds and even the occasional hailstorm! Deliciously fragrant.
3 to 4 feet, late July.

TZN Each $7.50 3/$21.00


‘Quintessence’ (Columbia-Platte) is a special selection from our ‘Luminaries’ Strain, with heavy cream-yellow petals (rather than icy white) and more suffused, soft rose “kaleidoscope” encircling its golden throat.  It is the tallest of this group, too, with tall, strong stems reaching 7 feet in our fields!  A Popularity Poll winner! Mid July. 

Available for
fall shipping only.
Limited supply.
QUI Each $12.50 3/$35.00


‘Alchemy’ (Lily Garden bred) reminds us of the alchemists’ quest to change metals into gold.  When you see its stunning flowers of deepest red rimmed with a wide coppery gold margin, can you picture a bubbling cauldron where fiery molten metals are forming gold at the edge?  ‘Alchemy’ will fill your garden with lasting color and fragrance from mid July to early August!  3 to 5 feet. 

ALC Each $10.00 3/$27.00


‘Bravura’ (Columbia-Platte) has enormous, slightly pendulous flowers which are pure white outside and the deepest crimson you can imagine inside!  The richly textured tetraploid flowers are as fragrant as they are lovely, and they are borne on sturdy stems which need no staking! 
4 feet, early to mid July. 

Limited supply
BVA Each $25.00 3/$70.00

'Scheherazade' field stem

(Lily Garden bred) is one of the most successful garden plants we have created; this lily is flourishing around the world!  Deep red recurved flowers are edged in gold, shading into white margins, and the throat shows the same dramatic color pattern. This was our first “Orienpet” hybrid, and its popularity soon earned it a place in the Hall of Fame!  This is the hardiest and healthiest of plants, the one we share with young gardeners to assure success!
4 to 6 feet (first year), up to 8 feet when established, mid August.  

SCH Each $5.50 3/$15.00


This bulb grew an 8-foot stem, in spite of a northern exposure and no special care!

Orienpet lily 'Scheherazade'

'Scheherazade''Scheherazade' shows its signature tertiary buds that give three successive flowers on each pedicel!

Judith pollinating 'Scheherazade' Judith pollinating 'Scheherazade'

'Leslie Woodriff'


‘Leslie Woodriff’, bred by Robert Griesbach, was produced from tetraploid forms of two of Leslie Woodriff’s classic garden lilies: ‘White Henryi’ and ‘Black Beauty.’ It equals its superlative parents in beauty and garden-worthiness, earning it a place in the Hall of Fame after years of topping the Populary Poll!
4 to 6 feet and taller, late July to early August.

LES Each $6.00 3/$16.00


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Note: Columbia-Platte indicates our own Lily Garden creations, born and bred on our farm.
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