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The Oriental lilies prefer acid soil and temperate, moist summers. Provide these by shade, mulching, or container culture if necessary. Their enormous flowers, heavenly fragrance, and late summer bloom time are worth the extra efforts!
Hardy in Zones 5 - 8
Oriental lily 'Curie'

New! ‘Curie’ flowers a bit later than other red Orientals, with a compact inflorescence of fragrant, upfacing crimson-red flowers, edged with a beautifully contrasting sharp white margin.
3 to 4 feet, August.

CUR Each $7.00 3/$20.00
Oriental lily 'Aranal'

New! ‘Aranal’ has enormous upfacing flowers of the most intense crimson-red you can imagine, sturating its wide petals to a hairline edging of white. Superbly fragrant!
3 to 4 feet, August.

ARN Each $7.00 3/$20.00
Oriental lily 'Lavender Lady'

‘Lavender Lady’ is the term used in earlier times for the wonderful heavily spotted white Orientals grown in Australia, and we're so glad to see this beautiful color pattern again, now in an even larger flower. It is a sumptuous lily with showy outfacing white flowers covered in rose speckles with a lighter pink blush.
4 to 5 feet, August.

LAV Each $7.50 3/$21.00
Oriental lily 'Miss Lucy'

Miss Lucy slowly unfurls a plethora of fluffy petals, creating a cloud of soft pink, white and apple green. It takes a full week for each fragrant flower to expand fully, displaying up to fifty petals per flower! The longest-lasting of all the Oriental lilies. Unique!
3 to 4 feet, late July to early August.

Limited supply
MLU Each $12.50 3/$35.00
Oriental lily 'Tiger Woods'

‘Tiger Woods’ is surely a champion, with enormous wide-open flowers with a dazzling deep, deep crimson band centered on each petal.  In cooler weather, a flush of rose washes over the flower as well, making the red-band even darker; and the whole flower is liberally sprinkled with gorgeous crimson dots.  Wow! 
3 to 4 feet, August.

TWO Each $7.50 3/$21.00


‘Sapporo’ The first time we saw ‘Saporro,’ we brought home a stem that had been grown in a glass house, and each flower was more than 8 inches across.  This lovely, fragrant white Oriental is of medium height, but two-thirds of its sturdy stems are decorated with huge blooms!
4 feet,  late August. 


SAP Each $6.00 3/$16.00

Sorbonne is our favorite lavender pink Oriental, a recent winner in the Popularity Poll!  We love its superb, wide-petalled fragrant flowers with pure rose-pink coloring and crisp white margins
4 feet, August.  

SOR Each $6.00 3/$16.00

Oriental Extravaganza Collection includes all colors and shapes of fragrant Oriental lilies. Indulge your passion for these glorious garden plants, terrific in arrangements, and spectacular in containers! Instructions for growing lilies in containers are included with every order.

ORX 6/$25.00 12/$45.00 24/$85.00

Lily Gardening in Containers

Lilies love growing in containers! They come in a wide variety of heights and sizes and can be planted alone or with companion plants. They work beautifully on decks and patios, and are wonderful in spaces large or small. If your garden is prone to underground animals that love the sweet taste of bulbs, containers are a great way to thwart them so that you can enjoy more lilies!

Lilies in containers have most of the same requirements as lilies in the garden: well-drained soil, half a day (or more) of sun, and sufficient watering.

Protect your container and the bulbs within from severe winter conditions and rapid freezing/thawing.

Complete cultural instructions are sent with every order.

lilies in container


Oriental Lilies -- page 1, page 2, page 3



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