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Hearts of Gold

Hearts of Gold(Lily Garden bred) Strain includes our best white tetraploid trumpets. Huge-flowered thick-petaled warm white trumpetshave honey gold centers and a more open, flared form. Deliciously fragrant!
3 to 4 feet, July.

HOG Each $7.50 3/$21.00
Tetra 'Ice Follies'

Tetra! ‘Ice Follies’ (Lily Garden bred) has the largest flowers we’ve seen in Trumpets!  Gigantic icy white sculpted blooms with green throats have a delicious, refreshing fragrance.  These tetraploids have robust stature and terrific substance, and grow taller and more floriforous every year. 
4 to 5 feet (first season), early to mid July. 

IFL Each $10.00 3/$27.00

'Golden Sceptre'

‘Golden Sceptre’(The Lily Garden bred) has golden yellow trumpets with a bronze reverse and the signature potent, sweet trumpet fragrance.
4 feet and taller, early July.

GSC Each $6.00 3/$16.00
'White Henryi'

‘White Henryi’ is an indomitable classic, with white “sunburst” flowers with deep orange centers. Selected by Leslie Woodriff over 50 years ago, it is now in the lily Hall of Fame!
4 to 5 feet and taller, late July.

WHN Each $7.50 3/$21.00

Trumpet lily 'Indian Summer'

‘Indian Summer’ is one of our favorite hybrids from Johan Mak, Sr., and it is an outstanding and amazingly vigorous lily. Its tall stems are a beacon in the garden, illuminated with big, nodding, broad-petalled flowers of luminous yellow. Superlative in the garden, it fills the late summer niche and flourishes even with all the heat and drought that late summer can bring.
3 to 5 feet and eventually taller,
late July to early August.

ISM Each $7.00 3/$20.00
Lilium henryi

Lilium henryi is a virtually indestructible lily, with smaller, tightly reflexed, golden orange flowers with festive papillate “whiskers.” Cheerfully adapts to almost any garden conditions, including alkaline soils and hot summers! 
3 to 6 feet and more (when established),
late July to August.

HEN Each $6.00 3/$16.00

Why do we list Lilium henryi with “Trumpet and Aurelian Lilies?” Hybrids between this species and Trumpets gave the first “sunburst” hybrids, named “Aurelians.” We see L. henryi’s color patterns in the golden colors in trumpet hybrids, and its form in the later-blooming “sunburst” hybrids such as ‘Louis XIV’ & ‘White Henryi.’

Lilium 'Regale'

Lilium regale is a is a beautiful white trumpet with a pink reverse. Its silvery leaves are lovely even before its regal crown of sweet-scented flowers appears, the first fragrant trumpeets in the garden each year!
3 to 4 ft, late June to early July.

REG Each $5.00 3/$14.00
Trumpet Voluntaire Collection

Trumpet Voluntaire Collection includes Trumpet lilies of all colors and forms: pink, white, yellow and orange. These lilies are superb in the garden, prized for their long trumpet flowers and incredibly sweet scent.
4 to 5 feet, July.

6/$22.00 12/$40.00 24/$75.00

Trumpet Voluntaire seeds also available!

What does “tetra” mean? 
Tetra is short for “tetraploid,” meaning these lilies have four sets of chromosomes rather than the usual two (one from each lily parent). 
What’s different about tetras?  Stuffing the cells with twice as many chromosomes makes every cell bigger and crisper, creating statuesque plants with amazingly large, substantial flowers. It takes an extra year or two for us to grow these big plants to “mature flowering” size, but the added time and cost to produce these stupendous plants is worth every penny!


Trumpet & Aurelian Lilies -- page 1, page 2



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