‘Peach Lace’

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‘Peach Lace’

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‘Peach Lace’ (LG) is another wonderful hybrid from ‘Ariadne!’ It has larger, fragrant, lightly ruffled flowers in a deeper shade of peach with a luscious pink reverse. It carries the lovely “rosepoint” pattern all the way to its petal tips, clearly visible even on the reverse of the flower! It began to flower 3 weeks ahead of ‘Ariadne’ this summer, and its long inflorescence of Turk’s-cap flowers remained in bloom for 4 weeks! This robust triploid is a vigorous grower; plant a few and you'll have a lovely mass of stems in a season or two.
4 to 5 feet and taller, early June.

Hardy in Zones 4 - 8

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April special! Hummingbird Collection of Asiatics
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No Fooling! April Special!
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Hummingbird Collection of Asiatics that the hummingbirds love, 'Red Velvet,' 'Eurydice,' and 'Peach Lace.'
Includes one bulb (or 3 bulbs) of each variety.

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You may be interested to know that 'Peach Lace' is part of our NO FOOLING! APRIL SPECIAL! NEW COLLECTIONS, Hummingbird Collection of Asiatics.