‘Miss Libby’


‘Miss Libby’

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‘Miss Libby’ (LG) is a marvelous Orienpet, with fragrant, soft yellow bowls painted inside with a wide wash of deep, bronze-tinted cherry.  Its loveliness is matched by its strength, disease resistance, and garden adaptablity.  ‘Miss Libby’ is exceptional, just like its namesake - our friend Libby Mongue-Wymore, who celebrated her fifteenth year free of cancer this summer. 
Libby is a diligent fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society, and we are contributing all revenues from sales of ‘Miss Libby’ (almost $22,000 so far!) to this organization in her name.  We think both of the “Misses Libby” are champions!  
4 to 5 feet (mature stems reach 7 feet in our field this summer), late July.

Hardy in Zones 4 - 8

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Whopper Color Range Orienpets Collection
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Whopper Color Range Orienpets Collection:  
'Carte Blanche,' 'Miss Libby,' and 'Quintessence,' to extend the color range, our biggest bulbs, 20 cm/ 8 inches circumference and bigger!
Includes one bulb (or 3 bulbs) of each variety.

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You may be interested to know that 'Miss Libby' is part of our NO FOOLING! APRIL SPECIAL! NEW COLLECTIONS, Whopper Color Range Orienpets Collection.