Lilium henryi


Lilium henryi

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Lilium henryi is virtually indestructible, with delightfully reflexed golden orange flowers marked with festive papillate “whiskers.” Its long inflorescence gets taller with the years and eventually carries secondary and tertiary buds, making for a long, long time in bloom. This is the species that gives the toughest Orienpets their endurance and their extra buds! It flourishes in almost any garden conditions!
3 to 6 feet and taller when established.
late July to August. 

Hardy in Zones 4 - 8
(In zone 4, mulch well and protect from late spring frosts.)

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Why do we list Lilium henryi with “Trumpet and Aurelian Lilies?” Hybrids between this species and Trumpets gave the first “sunburst” hybrids, named “Aurelians.” We see L. henryi’s color patterns in the golden trumpet hybrids, and its form in the “sunburst” hybrids such as ‘White Henryi’ & ‘Madame Butterfly.’