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Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

NOTE: The catalog is being updated for Fall 2015. All the new lilies will appear here soon!

Welcome to
The Lily Garden!

Catherine in her home studio
Catherine in her home studio

I’m so appreciative that my daughter Catherine van der Salm is willing to translate my photos, field notes, and descriptions into this new catalog, her eighteenth! In the final step in printing the catalog, Catherine oversees the press check for the subtle color corrections that assure our photos are true to life. It takes something more than a technician to do this: it requires someone who knows each variety, under field and garden summertime conditions. Can’t you tell, better than any outside photographer, if a picture really looks like your child?

We want express our enthusiastic thanks to Sherry Wills, who creates our beautiful website. Sherry is a long-time plant and garden enthusiast, and her expertise shows in the way she translates our printed catalog into a true-to-life screen presence each season! Thank you, Sherry!

We are delighted to share both the new catalog and the updated website with you! Here you will find lilies to please every palate, including many of our own hybrids that span the spectrum of flower size, color, plant height, shape, and form. Our own unique Lily Garden creations are marked (LG Lily Garden creation) , born and bred on our farm! All our lilies have been tested and selected specifically with the garden in mind—to be strong, persistent, disease-resistant, and above all, beautiful!

Our lilies are arranged in the website by color groupings and genetic types. The Asiatics begin the season of bloom, followed by the Trumpet and Aurelian hybrids, then come the “Orienpets,” and the Orientals provide the grand finale.

Each year you can expect more flowers to grace your garden with color,fragrance, longevity and beautiful form. Be sure to check thelilygarden.com for updates, after-harvest additions, web-only varieties, and the latest treasures for connoisseurs!

Enjoy the lilies!
Because we grow them all ourselves, here on our own farm, we photograph all our lilies in the field to show you how they really look.  For more than 30 years, we’ve made it our mission to provide you with beautiful, reliable garden lilies, and we absolutely guarantee every bulb to grow and bloom. 
Asiatic lily 'Red Twin'
New! Asiatic lily 'Red Twin'
Catherine at the press fine-tuning colors
Catherine at the press fine-tuning colors.
Orienpet hybrid lily 'Limoncello'
New! Orienpet hybrid lily 'Limoncello'

Dear Friends,

I began working as geneticist at Oregon Bulb Farms in September 1971, and created this business in 1979. Breeding the best in garden lilies continues to delight me, but producing a large crop has become more difficult in recent years. Lilies require a long crop rotation cycle, and finding enough suitable land (with water rights) and enough helpers to manage the fall harvest have become much harder than in the previous decade or two!

I’ve decreased my acreage a bit, and I’ve dropped the wholesale accounts that require a large acreage. (I’m still selling wholesale to White Flower Farms, so when you see my LG lily varieties from other sources, you can be sure that they didn’t originate from my stocks and don’t benefit me in any way.) I’ve split my acreage between 2 main fields, 25 miles apart, to manage our changing microclimates, with their later springs and earlier falls.

I continue to breed and grow my own crop, to ensure that our customers enjoy bulbs that are true to name, the right size, and harvested and stored to give good garden results.

Judith pollinating lilies

Everything old is new again:
Recently, I’ve been improving tissue culture methods to “clean up” older clones infected with virus. A new lily virus has become a significant problem in Holland, and at present there’s little understanding of how this potex-type PlAM virus spreads, within the crop and within the plant, and how it affects plant growth. The usual ELISA tests are not reliable indicators of infection, and my determination to keep it out of my cultivation fields (there’s a reason I keep the imported lilies in isolated test areas and let them all grow and bloom under natural field conditions—and do not disbud them) has led me back to some of the older techniques for virus identification. It’s harder to get reliable ELISA tests of evolving strains of known lily viruses, so I’ve revisited studies from many years ago to look at the distinctive cellular inclusions, visible with a light microscope, associated with various types of plant viruses. (These inclusions are good evidence of infection, but their absence doesn’t mean the plants are “clean.”)

Granddaughters Juliana and Annelies (photos below) are using the right stain to reveal the tell-tale spots of violet RNA in the wrong place, a viral inclusion beside the healthy blue nucleus in a flower petal cell.

Judith Freeman

Juliana and Annellies using stain nucleus

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Our friend Niels van Noort began growing and hybridizing crocosmias about 10 years ago. We’ve been fascinated by his progress creating new forms in a wider range of colors, heights, flowering time, and hardiness.
We offer some of our favorite crocosmias, including new and exclusive van Noort originations!

NEW! Crocosmias
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